Quality Control

Food Safety and Quality Policy

“Mother dairy is committed to supply safe milk and milk products and to the satisfaction of customers".

i) By adopting accepted and appropriate methods and technology in procurement, processing, manufacturing, packing and prompt delivery of milk and milk products.

ii) Maintaining by constant communication with all the parties involved in the Food Chain to achieve ultimate goal of supplying good quality milk and milk products.

iii) By complying with Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

This commitment is supported by measurable objectives and is reviewed for continued suitability from time to time.

Milk Processing & Packing

  • Established with an Initial capacity of 2 LLPD during 1984 and expanded to 7Lakh Litres processing and 3 Lakh Litres packing per day in 2008.
  • Purchase Milk from unions and chilling centers. Also receives surplus milk of Unions and surplus milk from unions for conversion.
  • Stringent quality standards are ensured before receipt of milk.
  • Has recently undertaken manufacturing of very improvised quality of Paneer, Yoghurt and Sterilized Flavoured milk.

Milk Powder Plant

  • To facilitate conversion of surplus milk, Powder Plant was established during the year 2002.
  • Capacity to convert 3.4 lakh litres of milk into 30 tonnes of Milk Powder. Has facility for manufacturing of Agglomerated Skimmed Milk Powder, Dairy Whitener and Whole Milk Powder
  • Has facility to pack different retail pack sizes of Skimmed Milk Powder & Dairy Whitener.

Ice Cream Plant

  • Established Ice Cream Plant in the year 1997 with an initial Capacity of 3000 litres but to meet the increasing demand, the plant was expanded to 10000 LPD but presently working capacity is upto 15000 Ltrs/day .
  • The first of its kind in South India under the co-operative sector equipped with state of the art technology
  • Initially Ice Cream was manufactured in AMUL Brand
  • Nandini Ice cream Production started from Apr-2000.

Product Plant

  • Butter being one of the major products at Mother Dairy, is manufactured from fresh cream using state of the art technology.
  • Posses two continuous butter making machines of 800 kgs/hr capacity.
  • Monthly average production of butter is 440 mt .
  • Posses export license for butter and have exported to countries like Armenia, Georgia, Tbilisi etc.
  • Have storage facility of 600 mts of butter.
  • Ghee a desi product is manufactured from the best quality butter by using the latest technology.
  • Have facility to pack Ghee in sachets, Bag in box, pet jars, standy pouch and tins.
  • Monthly average production of Ghee is 133 mts.
  • Dispatching monthly 32-40 mts of ghee to the famous holy temple of Tirumala Tirupathi.
  • Posses export license for the ghee and exported ghee to Dubai.
  • Is a fresh, nutritive and healthy product manufactured by coagulating milk in an hygienic environment with good technology, Posses with the Capacity of 1800 kgs per day.
  • Paneer is also one of the major product of Mother Dairy is manufactured by the Shubham milk and available in 200ml packs and in block and diced manner.
  • Monthly average production of Paneer is 45 mts.
  • Posses with the Capacity of 800 kgs per day.
  • Very healthy product which improves the digestion ability is manufactured using milk with 2% Fat and 11% SNF.
  • Added with real fruit extract and is produced in two flavors presently- MANGO & STRAWBERRY.
  • Have capacity to manufacture 2500 litres per day in 5 flavours – Badam, Pista, Rose, Elaichi and Banana.
  • A healthy drink manufactured using Double Toned Milk with added sugar, color and flavors.
  • Monthly average production of SFM is 50000 ltrs.
UHT (ultra-heat treatment)
  • Have capacity to manufacture 42500 litres per day.
  • UHT milk packaged in a sterile container, if not opened, has a typical unrefrigerated shelf life of six to nine months.
  • UHT flavoured milk is available in 200 ml and 160ml tetra packs in 4 different flavours like Badam, Pista, Strawberry.
  • UHT milk Shake is available in 200 ml and 160ml tetra packs in 4 different flavours like Vanilla, Butterscotch, Chocolate./li>
  • UHT Plain Lassi and Mango Lassi is available in 200 ml and 160ml.
  • UHT Butter Milk is available in 200 ml and 160ml tetra packs.
  • UHT Good life is available in 200 ml and 160ml.


  • Mother Dairy is responsible in providing quality milk & milk products to the consumers in Bangalore City through its network of different types of Retailers viz. Sachet, BVBs and FRPs.
  • The Dairy is distributing on an average 3.5 lakh litres of milk per day to the consumers in Bangalore City. The Dairy is also selling 40,000 Kgs of curds every day.
  • Nandini Shoppees serve as Modern Format Shops for selling entire range of Nandini products all through the day and ensure availability and reachability to customers.

Computer section

ERP system is responsible for real time integration of management information by controlling the flow of information across an entire organization. Adopting this technology, all the transactions are carried out online, hence the dairy stands unique among KMFunits. With this technology in place, dairy has achieved the following:

  • Integrated Information.
  • Enhanced and efficient technology.
  • Better Resource Management
  • Accuracy and Consistency.
  • Easy data accessibility
  • Increased security.
  • Transparency
  • Providing Business and Financial Solution.
  • User Friendliness.
  • Easy reporting.
  • Better Communication.


  • Equipped with fully automated SCADA based stae of Art Refrigeration System
  • Adopted Environmental Friendly (Emission free) LPG / CNG as fuel for boilers.
  • Automatic Centralized CIP system.
  • Equipped with semi automated advanced milk separators.
  • Will be equipped shortly with UHT flavored milk plant with advanced technology with higher capacity to cater milk to school children of Karnataka Government.

Finished Goods Stores

  • Has facility to store 1200MTs of Milk Powder.
  • Has facility to store 50 MTs of Ghee.
  • Has facility to store 600MTs of Butter.
  • Has facility to store 15 MTs of Good life (in UHT packs).